To protect your computer against viruses and other malicious programs download from out FTP site the latest virus definition updates. Keep your antivirus software antivirus databases up to date!

Symantec and Norton Antivirus update | McAfee Antivirus update | Kaspersky Antivirus update

  We strongly recommend you also to download and install the following security updates for Windows :

Windows XP Security Updates or  Windows 2000 Security Updates

Very effective virus and malicious programs removal tool - Zaytsev Antivirus utility. Detects and removes viruses, Adware, Spyware, Troyans, Dialers/PornWare, Hacktools, RiskWare etc. This Antivirus Utility is quite effective even if your computer is infected with virus.

AVZ4 (~2 mb)

If your computer is infected with a virus we recommend to use the Microsoft malicious files removal tool developed by Microsoft Corporation. This program is able to remove the most common viruses and malicious programs. Recommended for all Internet users! 

Microsoft malicious files removal tool (~4 mb)

Another perfect virus removal tool from McAfee Inc., McAfee Stinger - removes 50 most commonest   viruses. 

  McAfee Stinger (1,17 mb)

  If the above mentioned programs did not help you, visit Security Web site of Symanntec Inc. for a complete list of  specific virus removal tools.


To remove unsolicited Spyware and Adaware registry keys, browser hijack attempts and programs use  freeware program: AdAware Personal SE (2,51 Mb) and do not forget to install the latest reference list definition update (400 kb) for this program.