Dolphin LTD has been operating in Armenian market since 1999. The company specializes in assembling and wholesale/retail trade of computers, components, accessories, office equipment and supplies. We offer computer service, technical support, network integration and a wide range of Internet services.
 Dolphin LTD is a leading company in Armenian computer market, both in corporate supply market and retail trade. Internet services department demonstrates dynamic grow. Visit us and you will become our customer, as our personnel is quite courteous and competent, and we offer reasonable prices and special prices and discounts for our resellers and dealers.


In September 2006 Dolphin LTD was certified to comply with ISO 9001:2000 standard.

We offer a wide range of  desktops, notebooks, components, monitors, scanners, printers and office equipment by Intel, IBM, AMD, Asus, GigaByte, Dell, Hewlett Packard, Epson, Lexmark, Canon, Sony, Samsung, LG, Nokia, NEC, D-Link, Hitachi, Seagate, Maxtor, Kingston, Nvidia, ATI Technologies, View Sonic, Brother etc. We guarantee quality technical support. All our products and services are available also in Nagorno-Karabakh Republic through our Stepanakert branch.

 Service Center of Dolphin LTD provides quality in technical support and service within warranty and post-warranty period.

 Internet Services department of Dolphin LTD offers a wide range of Internet services such as Web-Hosting and domain registration. Since 2004 Dolphin LTD is one of the 5 authorized .am domain registrars.